CfP: International Journal of Law Mgmt & Humanities [Vol 6, Issue 2 (Issue 33) [Indexed, 26 Databases-HeinOnline, Manupatra, Google Scholar, ROAD-PIF 6.560, Hard Copy, FREE DOI, LIVE Tracking, Rated 4.9/5, APP Access]: Submit by March 11

CfP: International Journal of Law Mgmt & Humanities [Vol 6, Issue 2 (Issue 33) [Indexed, 26 Databases-HeinOnline, Manupatra, Google Scholar, ROAD-PIF 6.560, Hard Copy, FREE DOI, LIVE Tracking, Rated 4.9/5, APP Access]: Submit by March 11

The International Journal of Law Management & Humanities is a bi-monthly, Double-Blind Peer-Reviewed International Journal (ISSN: 2581-5369) working in the Law, Management & Humanities arena. Presently the Editorial team of IJLMH consists of Well-known and widely recognised professors and professionals from India, France, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Cameroon, and Nigeria.

IJLMH has published Research Papers of Authors from 41 Countries, 400+ Universities, 20 High Courts, and the Supreme Court of India and Rwanda and has created a revolution in the Indian Legal Publication Industry with innovations. Published Authors of the Journal include Sitting Magistrates, AOR – Supreme Court of India, Advocates of SC, HC and District Courts, Vice-Chancellors, Deans, Academicians, Librarians, Students of Various Universities, and others. The Journal is rated 4.9/5 based on 245+ reviews on Google.

IJLMH has published research of Authors from 41 countries, i.e., Australia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cameroon, Canada, China, Dubai, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, Guinea, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Mauritius, Morocco, Namibia, Netherlands, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, South Africa, Srilanka, Syria, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, U.K., USA, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe.

IJLMH is the first Privately run Indian Journal to be indexed by HeinOnline and to provide FREE DOI to all the manuscripts.

Indexing and Impact Factor Information [26 Indexing Databases]

The Journal is indexed in 26 Databases, including HeinOnline, MANUPATRA, ROAD: the Directory of Open Access scholarly Resources by ISSN, Scope Database, Citefactor, Journal Factor, I2OR, SIS, ISI, DRJI, SJIF, SIF and WCOSJ, EDJI Index, Infotiger etc.

Journal Impact Factor: 6.560 (2023) – Calculated by International Institute of Organised Research.
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IJLMH is being operated without any theme for best dissemination of knowledge. Any research related to Law, Management or Humanities is acceptable.

Submission Procedure

  • Submit Your Paper Online at Link HERE.
  • In case you face any difficulty with Online submission, Submit your paper via email to with the subject “Submission of Research Paper –Volume 6 Issue 2”.
  • Track Your Paper Online here.

IJLMH has a unique Online Submission system that works on AI and allows you to transparently track every step of your Manuscript with Email and SMS notification. Please prefer to submit the manuscript via Online Submission System itself.

Manuscript Processing Charge (To be paid after acceptance)

  • For Indian Authors:  INR 1000.
  • For Other Countries: $25

*This charge does not include a Hard Copy of the Certificate or Paper Booklet. The Hard Copies will be optional to order and charged separately. Hard Copies can be ordered at this link.
*There is no separate Charge for Co-Authorship till a maximum of 2 Authors.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. The submissions may be made under the following categories; the word limit is exclusive of footnotes: Research paper: 3000 – 7000 words, Article: 1500-3000 words, Book reviews: 1500-2000 words, Short Note & Case Comment: 1000 – 2000 words.
  2. The submission must not be previously published or currently under review at any other journal/conference/book etc. and should not be submitted to any other journal/conference while in process of review with us. Read this point carefully, Kindly do not submit the same paper at many journals/conferences/seminars etc.
  3. The submission must be the original work of the authors i.e. shouldn’t be plagiarized and also should be free from grammatical, spelling and other errors. It must also not contain any defamatory words.
  4. Submission must be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 300 words and author(s) affiliation. No Paper will be accepted without an abstract.
  5. All footnotes/references in the submission must conform to the bluebook 19th Edition.
  6. The charge consists of Co-Authorship for 2 Authors.
  7. Copyright over the published material shall vest with “International Journal of Law Management & Humanities”
  8. A separate cover letter mentioning the name(s) of the author(s), E-mail id, Mobile number, the title of the manuscript and the name of the Institution, shall be sent along with the submission if the submission is being made through email.
  9. All submissions must be made in .doc format. No pdf format shall be entertained.
  10. There should be no mention of the author’s name or any other identity in the original manuscript.

Important Dates

  1. Submission Deadline for Second Round: March 11, 2022.
  2. Communication of Review Result: Within 2 days of submission.
  3. Live Publication of Manuscript: It generally takes 5-7 days for publication, which may extend up to 10 working days after Pre-publication formalities till the Publication and issuance of e-Certificate. Urgent Requests can be made with proper reasons subject to acceptance by Editorial Board.


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